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Lets see some slug plates


Well-Known Member
Sep 29, 2012
Well, this has been outstanding. Just the variety of slug plates, from crowns, to blobs, to flasks, and on and on with color. I'm in the process of digging mine out, but would like to pose a question here, rather than the displaying forum, since there are so many varieties of brewer, bottler and company names here.

What's the preferred method for displaying your bottles? That is, do you line them up by city or town if you collect a State? Then list by last name for each city, kind of like Hutch Book does it? Or do you just go full alphabetical from A to Z, regardless of what falls in place? Another way is to list by type (blob, hutch, crown, etc.) even if that means breaking up a run from a specific bottler. Or do you keep the bottler name together, and display by age? I know this is a personal choice, but I'm trying to get some ideas. I collect mostly Missouri bottles and have bunches of crown and blob tops. So many bottlers that names kept changing to add partners, sons, Co., Inc. etc., and my mind can never settle on a specific way.

Perhaps a uniformed way of cataloging bottle is out there? Or perhaps a specific author or reference would be a good guidance?

Love all these bottles!


Well-Known Member
Oct 6, 2006
Even though most Ekhardts & Beckers are extremely common, that one I have that I posted pic of above is the only one I ever seen. I assume it's Rare? LEON.

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