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What is the color of this jar? Red Book list this jar in aqua which means to me green. In all light conditions this jar shows strong blue but I see a lot of Lightning photos that show this blue also so I don't think it is rare at all. I'm just curious as to what you would acually call this color.



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I might as well rattle off my personal thoughts on bottle color..[;)]
To me, "aqua" is a catch-all category, and all 3 of those jars can be called aqua, but there's a whole spectrum ranging from "apple green" to "ice blue" there.. I think true aqua should be half green half blue, like that baking powder jar, which is a real nice bottle!


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here is a site you can start with in ref to jar color, aqua to me is blue with a touch of green in it ( a very subjective color LOL)


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I appreciate the comments. I just always felt that aqua was a green with some blue like you see on most other jars and bottles. This jar is just substancially more blue than any other aqua I've seen.


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This may not be a popular answer, but in my book when you put a jar on a white background and have to look through the BASE of the jar to try to determine color - it's aqua. period. Any color jar worth more than an aqua jar has a distinct color through the BODY of the jar when placed against a white background. -Tammy


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Appreciate the comments. I find that I always look at the bases when looking at colorless jars. I feel it's a good indicator of the true glass color involved. Some jars have darker or lighter colors that just don't show in the body of the jar. It's odd in this hobby that some colors get very precise and subjective descriptions while aqua seems to be a catch all for a most everthing else. As I hold the above jar in my hand in outdoor or indoor light, I don't detect any green tint. Was just curious as to what others would call the color. Thanks all.

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