Lithograph found at antique show....


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Found this great lithograph at an anitque show measures 20" x 15" and I would say is in mint is from a book of lithographs titled..Technological Advances of the 19th Century....published in 1892....

Just have to look them up and identify them now.....




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Nice find David. Was that the Schoharie Show? I skipped it and went to Lincoln's auction. They had historical flasks, Indian Queen bitters, wax sealers, and many more good bottles. I bid but was unable to win anything. There was a lot of interest in bottles for such a small country auction.


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Please be sure and update us when you get them idenified. Also could you post a larger picture if possible. Some cool looking items in there.--Gary


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It was at the Schoharie Show Jane......LOTS and LOTS of people there yesterday....but I did not actually see too many bottles and even less tell the truth I was dissapointed a bit....

I did see a Saratoga Springs bottle....really deep emerald green color...and a couple of other different bottles....same gentleman had them on his table....but they were not cheap....

Up in the NEW TO THE COLLECTION forum at the top of the site I posted a couple of picks of stuff I found...nice pontiled ink....a medicine bottle from an Albany doctor and a Boston bottle.....

I was on my way out of the show when I spotted this booth with the lithographs....he had a screen set up with several on it....that is where I saw the bottle one....I was looking at that when I just happen to ask him about the chance of having a fruit jar lithograph.....he had his wife dig through the box they brought them to the show in...I was VERY pleased when they pulled it out......

The show is still running today....I think it opens at 11A.......



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There's some funky looking sealers there. Sure looks like an interesting book. Would love to see more [:D]

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