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Mar 23, 2024
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Forgive long post, I hope you don’t mind. A recent vintage article from LI Newsday 1948 floated across my screen, and detailed the tragic train accident of a One Oak Dairy salesman and my 2nd cousin, Thomas Keveney. He was 36 years old at the time and a Navy veteran. I can upload article if requested.

He lived in Williston Park LI and that is where I grew up. When I was very young, we had a “milkman” from One Oak Dairy. We also had a wooden “milk box” outside our back door where our milk was delivered to. The article prompted me to Google One Oak Dairy and I encountered this bottle group and a person SEANB who said his grandfather was the original owner. Hence me joining the group.

Sometime during my childhood, the wooden box disintegrated, we stopped milk delivery, and I grew older. When my parents passed, I found in their basement, a metal milk box in pristine condition and decided to hang on to it. It is still in my possession in my dry basement and seems to be still in pristine condition.

The box says Property of Borden’s HELSON DAIRY 334-5775. (notice no area code). It looks to be galvanized steel. I need to move some items to look inside, but it was never used to my knowledge.

The reason I am posting here, Is that I do not recall us changing milk men. I was wondering if One Oak was bought by Helsons or if there was any relationship??? I can't find any info on HELSONS DAIRY. I am decluttering slowly and would like to sell for a reasonable amount. I looked on Ebay and can't find any HELSON boxes or bottles and none of the boxes for sale looks as nice as the one I have. I now live in midwest.

Any interest from anyone? I would prefer not to get involved with Ebay etc,,,,,

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