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Mississippi soda water bottle


New Member
Jul 17, 2017
I just joined the site and not sure I am putting this in the right place, I have a soda water bottle that is made by Coca-cola, pat. Nov.1923, on the bottom it has Ackerman Ms. Can't find anything on it or value, thanks for any help.


Well-Known Member
May 24, 2014
You can post a picture in the "quick reply" box by clicking on the icon that's third from the right. Unfortunately value on that bottle is probably minimal, as the soda water bottles are not as widely collected as true Coca Cola bottles and really only of interest to a local collector. Ackerman is a surprisingly small town to have a Coca Cola plant though, so it could be relatively uncommon and of more interest to a Mississippi collector than a similar bottle from a larger city.


New Member
May 6, 2018
Howdy DownSouthPhil.... I just noticed this post.
I was born and raised in Ackerman and my dad was a mayor there at one time! Yes indeed Ackerman is small but it was founded in 1884 and had 2 railways. I hunted the creeks there and found a lot of stuff over the years. Bottle wise, Ackerman has the Christmas coke you have (very nice to me , of course :) !) , a 1915 coke, several soda bottles, big chief, orange crush, straight sided Ackerman Bottling works and unbelievably a hutch by the same name. There are also a couple if very rare drug store bottles that were found by a friend out on a dirt road old house site down in in the woods! To me , all these bottle are obviously close to my heart! Nice found and God bless! Rik

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