more fake labels.


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Quote from Granny on the eBay listing:

"From WikiPedia:

The Whitall Tatum Company, or Whitall Tatum, was the first glass factory in America.
It operated from the early 1800s through the early part of the 1900s, and was located in Millville, NJ."

What it actually says on Wikipedia:

"The Whitall Tatum Company, or Whitall Tatum, was one of the first glass factories in America. Located in Millville, New Jersey, it operated from 1806 through 1938."

Another quote from "her" listing:

"At first, bottles were cast in metal molds, which left a casting line, (The bottle we have here at auction has these casting lines. ~ Granny Fark)
and later ceramic and wood casts were developed for flint glass which allowed the glass to be moulded without a casting line."

I honestly don't know what "Granny" thinks she's saying here, nearly ALL mold blown bottles have mold seams, or "casting lines" as she calls them. Just a perfect example of trickery here.


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they arent bottle collectors , just fakers.
Report the items to ebay as fakes when you see them.
The sellers could make them right but they choose not to.


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It does no good to report these idiots. I have tried to no avail and even left them kind reminders and finally rude comments about their s**t bottles.[:mad:]


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Just this pass weekend there was a vendor at the Jacktown Antique Gas & Steam show here in PA who practically had a whole table full of bottles with fake labels. None of them were nearly as well done as those done by Granny, It looked like they put the same amount of effort into it as I did labeling some Halloween bottles last year...but that didn't stop them from putting ridiculous price tags on them all.

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