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My Entire Collection of Pontiled Colognes


Well-Known Member
Dec 7, 2007
ORIGINAL: botlenut


WOW! They are so beautiful. I think the initials are really cool on a few of them. The one in this picture, all the way to the right, with the flowers really stuck out to me. It's so nice.


Well-Known Member
Feb 17, 2009
Hillsdale, Louisiana
I wonder why these types of colognes were mostly made in clear and aqua? Did they hold cheap perfume? did the colored colored ones hold more expensive perfume?
It seems like the colored ones tended to be less ornate.
Too bad they do not come in color runs like some of the bitters bottles. They are already so beautiful..but imagine a window lined with ornate colognes in shades of ambers, greens and blues.


Well-Known Member
Jul 5, 2005
Lewistown, PA
Very nice colognes, Mark. Great photography as well. Maybe the fish bottled contained a fragrance to use when that girl you were NOT so interested in was after you [:D] ~Jim


Well-Known Member
Sep 27, 2004
South Australia
What a fantastic collection of bottles and something that you do not see at all here in Australia.
Also just wondering what sort of price ranges these bottles go for as would not mind collecting the odd one.



Well-Known Member
Sep 6, 2007
Hadley, New York
Glad you folks enjoyed seeing my Colognes. I've gone to many a Bottle Show all over the East Coast to aquire them. I dont bid much on Ebay. Like a few have mentioned, they are quite a delicate bottle. I have only one with lip chips, but the price was really right on it, and I didnt have it, so I bought it. Otherwise, I have tried to buy mint ones.
To answer a few questions asked, bostaurus, This style of Cologne Bottle originally started coming over from Paris France in the 1820's and as the style became wildly popular over here, some of the American Glass Houses started copying them. Apperantly it was more the Style, then the Fragrance. I dont think the Colored ones held better perfume. I have only seen Cobalt Milk Glass, and blue Milk Glass Colognes, It would be nice if they came in more colors I guess its the mold detail, and the variety that hooked me.
andy volkerts: heres a couple shots of my Dancing Indian Cologne. I like this one alot too.

Trog: The ones shown in my pictures, start at about $50, and go up to $175 is the most I have paid. There are some killer Cobalt Pontiled Colognes that get up to the $1200 or so mark. Also a few came in Milk Glass. They also get up in the 300-500 range.



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