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My Lonely Onlys


Surface Scratcher
Sep 26, 2019
Southeast Portage, Ohio
I’ve only got two actually old insulators so far. Really, really, really would Love to find more, especially in the teal, or any other colour. And hopefully not broken.

My teal Hemingray has the top busted off. It belonged to my one grandma, I got it after she passed along with a crate of old aqua mason jars I hope to clean up and photograph real soon. Pretty sure she just used it as a paper weight. The clear little Hemingray I have no idea where it originally came from, might’ve been hers too. I found it in a big burn area at my step-dad’s the ash pile was huge, and we were cleaning up scrap metal laying around, so I was raking through the ash mountain pulling out burnt up furniture innards like couch frames and whatever else metal was in there and the insulator rolled out. It’s not broken, but can tell it’s been burnt, and I couldn’t get that grubbiness washed off.

So now they are both in my one flower bed that I’ve been doing up with cool rocks we’ve picked up and shells, crockery shards, just any cool lil souvenirs from our adventures. Bit of a fairy garden idea sort of, minus the fairies and gnomes, lol. Pic makes it look like my only flowers are dandelions, but it’s really mostly ferns :p


Well-Known Member
Jul 28, 2010
Nice garden decorations. Yeah, sentimental value can mean a lot. These two don't have a lot of collector value, but I'm sure the memories mean far more to you anyway.

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