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New applied color label (acl) article


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Aug 10, 2016
"The Glamorous Applied Color Labels"

By Bill Lockhart and Bob Brown

with contributions by Chris Weide and Russ Hoenig

I'm excited to share this notification regarding an Applied Color Label (ACL) article that Bill Lockhart and I recently completed and is now available for viewing. It was exactly one year ago this week that we started the initial research -- which continued throughout the winter of 2018 and spring of 2019, and was finally completed this past summer. As far as I know, it is the first article of its kind to fully explore the history of the ACL process. A great deal of time and research went into the project and we hope everyone who reads it will learn something new and informative. Please feel free to ask me anything you want about it, and I will do my best to answer your questions. The article is on the Society for Historic Archaeology website and can be found via the following link. The link connects to the Glossary section -- and all you need to do is scroll to the ACL definition where you will see the link to the ACL article just to the right of the Mission Beverages bottle. The reason the note and article link are so small is because it was necessary to 'squeeze' it in without disrupting the entire page. The article is in a pdf format and can be downloaded, printed, etc. The only thing we ask is to cite the source if/when sharing the article with others. The source, of course, being the SHA website. If you are not familiar with the website, this will be a good opportunity to explore it. It is the most extensive website of its kind and contains just about everything imaginable related to bottles.

Here's the link to the Glossary page ...


Please be sure to scroll past the Acknowledgments / Sources where you will find three Appendixes titled A, B, and C. Appendix A will be of particular interest to 7up collectors and/or sellers.

Bob Brown

a.k.a. Sodabob / Sodapopbob




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Sep 21, 2014
British Columbia
First off...COGRATULATIONS! on this co publication. I look forward to having a read on this!

Edit note:...got a chance to skim through and I think it's fantastic. I'm sure I'll be referencing it many times in the coming years, and already the first thing I took out of it was the fact that Pepsi did not start to use ACL's until 1943...great piece of information!

Ivan Lang
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Aug 10, 2016
Thanks for the comments and compliments. The article is a dream-come-true for me and glad that Bill Lockhart initiated it. I'm currently working on soda bottle related article -- but it will be at least six months or more before its ready for viewing -- and will be sure to post it when its done.

The attached Timeline is something I put together for a quick reference. I leapfrogged over some of it, but it contains the most relevant parts. I converted it to an image so it can be saved. From time-to-time I will be adding some stuff that's discussed in the article, such as various newspaper articles, but are not accompanied in the article itself with an image.

Thanks again




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Aug 10, 2016
If you are not familiar with pdf files, click on the + symbol a few times and it will enlarge the page so you can read even the smallest text. Use the slide-bars to center.

Here's an example of something referred to in the article but not accompanied by an image. I own this booklet and have had it for several years now. But little did I know when I acquired it that it would be used to illustrate one of Owens-Illinois' earliest experiments with applied decorations on glass. However, as it states in the pdf article, this is not a true ACL, but a forerunner that was applied by hand with a stencil. I also own the Baby Bunting jar that's shown in the article - which is the same one attached here. The 'blobs' on the bottom are Rabbits

Baby Bunting Owens Illinois 1931 Cover.jpg

Baby Bunting Owens Illinois 1931 Date.jpg

Baby Bunting Owens Illinois 1931 Inside.jpg

Baby Bunting Owens Illinois 1931 Decorated.jpg

Baby Bunting Jar With Lid.jpg

Baby Bunting Rabbits.jpg


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Aug 10, 2016
Jumping to May 15, 1933

I also own this Time magazine that's referred to in the article. Its the earliest reference we are aware of that hints to Owens-Illinois experimenting with fused labels. However, the earliest actual ACL bottles made by Owens-Illinois are from 1934. So this is another precursor of things to come by Owens-Illinois

Time Magazine November 15, 1933 Owens Illinois Fused Labels Reference Cover.jpg

Time Magazine November 15, 1933 Owens Illinois Fused Label Reference (1).jpg

Time Magazine November 15, 1933 Owens Illinois Fused Label Reference Article (2).jpg

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