New to site, Happy to be here!


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Ditto - welcome, and I have been here since October 2020, found a bottle dump on my daily hikes during covid. Lot's of knowledgeable people on here, posting questions and pictures of what you find is the best way to learn.


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Happy to have you !!!
I’ll give you some advice right now. USE ONLY distilled water when cleaning bottles or else mineral spots will develop and scratching may occur. You can find distilled water at your local Walmart.

Effect of mineral containing water on glass.

USE soft bristled brushes to prevent scratching. NO SCOURING PADS!!! My main brush is a toothbrush.

How to clean dirt that won’t come out of bottles and are not reachable with a brush: Fill the bottle a quarter to half full of salt, add enough dish soap (I use dawn) just to cover the area of salt, a small amount of water, put your finger over the hole, and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!! Alternate positions also.

When digging bottles that are pre 1920s; put the ones that are embossed, unique, or ones you like in cold water to prevent bruising/cracking. When ready to leave remove the bottle(s) from the water and wrap each one in a cold wet paper towel. When home you have two options: Let the paper towel dry (which is the longer way) or wrap each one in a dry towel (not paper towel) and wait for at least a hour to unwrap.

Hope this helps !!!:)
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