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New to the group! A few finds in Arlington Texas..


New Member
Apr 8, 2020
Hey guys!

I've been checking out this site for over 2 years, but just joining. My friends call me happy, short for something else, but that's a story in itself. I was born in Dallas and grew up in Arlington and HEB areas. I've been a creek hunter since I was young but didn't start collecting until a couple of years ago. I got a unique collection of antique bricks, fossils, bottles, artifacts, coins, you name it! If it's local history, it's me! I've turned my attention lately to bottles, my research of the area throughout my life, and my creek walking, have recently started colliding and it has been pretty exciting! If you are in dfw and love the history, give me a holler! Here's a few of my recents, rinsed, not cleaned yet. A franco-American toilet requisets out of Chicago, 19th century medicine or ink bottle (I think), and a rough E.C. Simmons Kleen Kutter gun oil from Simmons Hardware out St Luis. I found where an old runoff used to drain into the creek, before development. The old runoff came from the edge of an old escape tunnel of a speakeasy. Also one of several locations where Native Americans used to hide their plunder from raids, which is what ultimately led to their demise here. Hope you guys are keeping safe out there, take care of yourselves!



Active Member
Sep 27, 2017
Very cool finds, I work in Grand Prairie, I’d love you see your collection sometime

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