One of a Kind Dr. Pepper Bottle for sale!


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Back in the 70's I was travelling down an old country road outside of Memphis, Tennessee, when I past a small country store. I saw a soda machine in front and figured I'd stop and get a drink. I spun around and a pulled in front of the machine. Here was a bottle with misaligned labels and double caps and NO DRINK!
I have had this bottle all these years. Now it is time for this treasure pass from my hands to someone else to appreciate. I don't know the market on bottles but I figure if it's ONE OF A ought to be worth $1500. I have more pics if needed.


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I honestly have no idea what an error bottle is worth but $1500 sounds really high especially for a bottle from the 70's


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I honestly have no idea what an error bottle is worth but $1500 sounds really high especially for a bottle from the 70's
Yeah, unfortunately error bottles aren't like error stamps, they aren't that hard to come by and few people have any interest in collecting them. Quality control just wasn't that good, and mistakes would often happen. Offset labels are pretty common, never seen two caps applied at once but that doesn't necessarily mean it's all that rare. And even if it is that rare, that also doesn't mean it's valuable.


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It would be worth more if it was full. $1500 is a price people are paying for some old full whiskey bottles. But people don't throw around that kind of money for something like this.


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They are rare that they made it out of the bottling plant due to quality control... but best way to find out what it's worth is place it in an auction like eBay... there are "Error" bottles there all the time.
Grape caps on an Orange soda, cigarette in a full bottle, etc. It's worth what some one is willing to pay.. Cool bottle...
Here's my off print bottle...


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Eric, I have the same kind of error on one of my 7up bottles. Cool. But Have to agree that these kind of error bottles don't bring any kind of $$ for them. There are a lot of them out there. And unfortunately it is very easy to refill bottles and put things in them and say 'look here is a rare bottle' with this in it. Don't get me wrong though I have some misprints and think they are cool. I also think that having a 'full' bottle adds nothing to the value.


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I know when it comes to Beer cans most knowledgable collectors consider misprint worth no more then a non misprint & sometimes less. Same with full Beer cans, not worth anymore full then empty to most & I know some hate full Beer cans & will instantly empty them. I'd guess the same thing with Bottles. People that know nothing about cans or bottles seem to think if it's a misprint or full it's worth a fortune. NOT.


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The bottom line is that people have to want it for it to have a high value. List it on that Big Auction Site and you'll find out.

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