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Perception.. What's yours?

matthew lucier

Well-Known Member
Oct 19, 2020
I saw a Beautiful collection of bottles bathed in light. The owner knew what he had yet he was disappointed in their worth. Talked to a man that hustles collecting cash to buy bottles he likes yet he's disappointed in his ability to find bigger deals. Listened to a man that loved his work yet he was disappointed in his business gains. I read of a man that has an extensive knowledge of bottles yet he's disappointed in new comers that ask for information. I felt the wrath laid upon a man who interrupted a woman In her quest to learn from another. I find myself with everything I need yet I'm disappointed in not knowing what I want.
Our lives are filled with what we choose to see or have perceived them to be. You can find many good things in someone's life that is filled with trouble and many troubling things can be seen in the lives of people who have it all. Just remember: "Perception is the key to a better life than the one that exists in reality.
Know who said that?
I did.....
May all your digs be fruitful and all your finds be chip free. Give up Bottle hunting and go Bottle finding In 2021.. I'm just saying....

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