pinched mold flaw on a pitts flask, cool


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Interesting to see one of the pinched mold flaws on an eagle flask, and amber to boot.
I'm liking it...


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The eagle looks vr. similar to the one on my aqua Pittsburgh. flask but the lip is weird. Still a cool flask,...any idea who used that lip finish? Most Pittsburgh flasks seem to have the rounded profile 'string' type lip. Did these molds get swapped around?



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They are pretty cool! Too bad we didn't have a perm. thread where they could be put all together... As Red would say,...a true 'bottle mystery' !


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I've been watching this one, was gonna post it after the auction ended! Thanks Matt! Definitely a cool bottle, and an interesting find. Some speculation was giving that the pinch mold anomaly was only found on cylinder shaped bottles, which were spin in the mold after the pinch, although I think that's still the explanation... Just that the mold was opened and gather turned, as Chirs, baltbottles speculated. I would really like to hold this bottle and get a better look at it. I'd say Pittsburgh for sure, the banner head and neck of the eagle are characteristic.... Lip treatments are all over the place with a large producer like Pittsburgh.

Gotta add it sure is a shame they cleaned it...


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Any likelihood that is a pittsburg type of lip that has been ground down, say a 1/4 inch or so? I can't tell from the pics but it looks odd to me.

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Hey all of you; this is one of those "Half Leaf Mold Cavity Welded Repair" marks that I have been working on for a long time. Darn and I don't have enough loos cash to bid on it. It is much earlier that I thought they existed. and it surely in not a pinch of glass;.
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