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Pittsburgh Area Diggers


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Nov 4, 2019
So, I recently became jobless due to the mega bottoming out of natural gas prices per barrel due to the over investment of drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shales here in PA, northern WV and eastern OH. Anyways, I really love history (as that is the primary reason I moved to Pittsburgh 7 years ago now) and I especially love glass and the history of architecture of this region. I moved up here 7 years ago from Houston, TX; mainly due to the history of this region (I'm currently making a coffee table photography book of every historic church of the Rustbelt; from St. Louis to Flint, MI to Louisville, KY to Baltimore, which is nearly done). Anyways, I've hardly found a single intact bottle (except for a few here in Pittsburgh at construction sites(hutches)) I was hoping that someone was willing to dig with me here soon; before I have to move back to no bottle having Houston. I am pretty sure I found a good late 1800s bottle dump on the Chartiers Creek near McKees Rocks today. I've spent nearly 10k on bottles in the past few months but will no longer be able to do that; so digging is the only option left. I believe the history of the glass is worth way more than any asking price and I intend to never sell my bottles. I am in it for the preservation of the history and nothing more. Even if I become a moneyless bum, Id much rather donate the glass for free to a museum than ever sell it in order to preserve it.
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