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Plastic plant fire


Well-Known Member
Jul 4, 2010
Lyles, TN
So last Wednsday im sitting in class, (a half day) getting ready to clean up for the vacation and I get this text..
Wrigley plastic company on fire, school is being evacuated.. It was my mom, whom is a substitute teacher at my old high school. So I go online and find out that a plant that happens to be located on the most polluted grounds in Tennessee is on fire, and is putting up PCB's and carcinogens and such.. Fun stuff, let's have a party!
I live 2 miles from the plant...downwind.. I live due east, and guess which way the wind was blowing... So, I come to find out they have evacuated 4 mile radius around the plant...wonderful... This was at 10:45 or so AM... I leave at 12:00 carrying mike, and Cecil, 2 friend of mine...we can see the smoke, 11 miles away. NOTE (a news chopper took off in Nashville 30 miles away, and could se it clear as day)
So I drop them off, only to find out all the schools have been deserted, and the cops had the highway home blocked off..
So after looking like a noob shooting some photos with my ipad I have this wonderful idea to go home and get my police scanner.. Took some back roads, and some private drives, but I got there.. The sun was completely blocked out by the black smoke consisting of high amounts of CO2 and other lovely chemicals I can't say.. I grab the scanner, a bottle of water, a rag, and run out the door..
So the I have another wonderful idea NOTE( the time is now 3:00 PM) let's go watch it burn!!!
I get within about 1/2 mile of the plant and am pulled over..
" well sir I just wondered what all the chaos was about"
Cop: "well we need you to turn around sir the evacuation is still in place"
" ok..."
NOTE it was a little longer but you get the idea..
Took some more shots, and drove off...
Here are a few actually..


Well-Known Member
Jul 4, 2010
Lyles, TN
This next on shows why we were all aced to leave...Here is a short story..I talked with one of our local officers about the fire friday night…He said, "I had heard from one of the fire officials that the smoke was almost pure Co2, and if you were overcame, you would die pretty quick" "The other issue, was that there was ash falling from the cloud, and the material contained PCB's, which isn't good stuff" I asked: "Cancer causing?"…"Yeah I believe so.." As i type this i must mention that we received an inch of rain last night, and hopefully the 20 mph winds, and pouring rain washed most of the "black sin" out of the air……and probably into the water table!!well all fun aside here is why we were asked to leave..
We're ok…when I came to the house, my eyes were watering, and i was coughing…probably the chemicals…I feel like I might have a slight cold, coughing, runny nose, but I'm ok.. tired and ready for Christmas..Before I clock out, here is some reading material for you curious folk.. http://www.epa.gov/region4/superfund/sites/npl/tennessee/wrigccoatn.html [blockquote]
Currently, [style="background-color: #ffff00;"]Industrial Plastics Recycling, a small-scale recycling facility, conducts metals and plastics recycling, storage of waste products[/style], and other related activities on the southern portion of the Primary Site. The remainder of the Primary Site is not in use.
The remainder is not in use… bu11sH17!The EPA is here, and man are they pissed... night folks..[/blockquote]


glass man

Well-Known Member
Jan 30, 2008
WOW! Has any one been hurt by this[Physically] YEP WE NEED LESS OR NO REGULATIONS ON ANY COMPANIES!! We have a creek that once had trout in it as big as 9 pounds..then in 56 a chemical plant dumped chemicals into the water killing off fish...my dad said he counted hundreds of dead fish in one whirlpool...later in the 60's the Plant made napalm an agent orange for the VIETNAM War....THE CRAP LIES IN THE SILT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CREEK..CERTAINLY WILL NEVER BE CLEAN AGAIN IN MY LIFE TIME!![&o] JAMIE

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