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recent finds part 2


Jul 20, 2019
This is an extension of the other thread I posted. Most of the interesting stuff is already posted, but I figured I'd put everything up for posterity.


Some embossed clear glass. A little bland, but I like the tiny ones, especially the one on the far left.


I like the base, and how a quarter of the inside is taken up by extra material. I'm assuming it was a single dose of medicine, or maybe an extract for cooking.


On the left is a nice wine bottle (could be wrong on that) and in the middle are some really tiny early 20th century beers. The bottle on the right is there for size reference. I find these all the time in various colors and manufacturer's marks. These ones are pretty nice colors; pic dosen't do em justice. The two green ones are blown, and the brown one's ABM, but reaaaally early ABM. Check out this base.


It's almost splattered with excess glass. This is the 3rd one of this exact bottle I've found; I've also found 3 of the green ones now.


Mustard barrels e v e r w h e r e. I've found 2 of these on site prior to this. If anyone wants one, I'll send you one for the price of shipping.


Maybe they were eating mustard and Vaseline sandwiches, because I find a ton of these early Vaseline jars as well. I actually only found the 3 to the right on these 2 digs. The 2 to the left are from earlier digs. But I wanted to show how every one I've found has been different. I've arranged them from oldest to newest left to right. The letters shrink, and the tops go from rolled to applied to machined.

That's all for now. I'll be digging at least one more time before I return to college, so hopefully I'll have some more stuff to post. Happy new year!


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