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Sharing Bottle Sites


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May 24, 2014
I'll share the locations of large municipal dumps when the info on them is widely available online. But I definitely won't share spots that I find by walking if they don't have any documentation online.

And RCO I don't think there's a single public beach in Canada which hasn't been heavily detected at this point. Most of the easy stuff left to find is in people's yards or areas which wouldn't be initially obvious. I did actually come across an unhunted beach last summer, but it was at a private cabin rental area where I was staying on vacation. I could only hunt the beach and the shallows so probably missed lots but I did manage to pull a Mercury dime on top of all the King George VI pennies.


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Jul 7, 2016
I often wonder whats in deeper waters , I've only checked the areas close to the docks which were not that deep as I didn't have actual dive gear .

one of the areas I check was searched by a diver years ago and he found bottles but I didn't seem to have any trouble finding stuff there , read that in river locations currents and such can reveal hidden stuff that might not of been visible years earlier

I'd like to find a couple new dump sites to search in 2020 , in need of something new , like to find a pre 1940's dump site , as I seem to have trouble finding older dumps here , seems to be lots of 50's-60's even 70's dumps but nothing really old
Spots where tides seem to swirl and deposit things toward the outside of them seem to be hot. In NJ there are places by a bridge and in the bay that are loaded. Clammers pull up so many bottles they have to throw them back into the water. Bottles to them are not worth the effort and they don't pay for a day's wages. But, blobs, hutches, meds, ponies, and china are not uncommon in those waters. I'm sure a good diver can load bags of them if they choose.


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Mar 10, 2018
Connellsville, PA
I'm curious to find out how many of us share the location of their dig sites? Personally, I do not. I made that mistake once and it cost me quite a few treasures I'm sure... they stripped it dry.
It's very rare that I actually "dig" but no, I do not share search sites. Last year there was some person or persons who found bottles that I had hidden in the woods. A place where they shouldn't have known. Maybe it was coincidence but they may have been following me..

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