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SODA BOTTLE CAPS ... (A Sampling of the rare and unusual)


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Mar 10, 2010
NOTE : In the event you tap into this thread while I am still posting, please note that it is likely to contain up to as many as 50 mini-pages. If you leave a comment before I'm done you will likely receive an e-mail notification for every page. And I would hate to bombard your inbox like that. So please hold off for a bit, and when I'm done I will note it accordingly. Thanks.

~ * ~

I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew this time. But after having just spent the past few days scrolling through some 17,000+ images of bottle caps (at least 10 full hours worth) I would feel guilty not sharing at least a few of them here with my collecting friends. Many of the caps are very rare, and valuable. The ones to follow are my favorites. I tried do do some groupings, but with the attached comments and my lack of photo-editing skills made it impossible. Thus the numerous indicidual pages.

They will be listed alphabetically, (unless I mess up) and contain as much information as was available at the time. Many of them will have values based on recent e-bay sales. But the main thing is simply to enjoy them as the true art forms that make them so special.

Reminder ... Photos that say "no info" simply means there was a photo only with no accompanying text.

I hope everyone enjoys them.


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