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WTS/WTT Squat Amber 7-UP with original ACL. (From Dallas)


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Sep 1, 2018
Carter County Kentucky
I have started to collect straight side Coca Cola bottles and hutches, so little by little I will be thinning my collection down to accommodate for more of what I want. This one is the first to go. Here is the item description:

It is a squat amber 7-UP soda bottle from Dallas Texas with the original ACL label. The bottle is in almost perfect condition save a tiny fleabite on the side. (refer to picture) The ACL is in extremely fine condition, even 80 years after it's production. There is no hazing, or wear, and I can only find a few scratches when I hold it up to the sun. This is the best 7-UP bottle I have ever seen, let alone handled. If you collect 7-UP bottles, or if you collect ACL bottles, or if you just like bottles, this would make an excellent addition to your collection.

I am asking $110 for it (this covers shipping). Personal check only. Please Private Message me for address and all that good stuff.

If you prefer to trade for it, I am looking for straight side coca cola bottles from any and all city's. I will also accept Coca Cola copycats, i.e My Coca Co, Ala Cola, Rye Ola, Chero Cola, etc. Must be no later than 1915. If you trade, item(s) must be of equal value to my listing price if possible.


If you would like better pictures, or if you want more, or pictures from a specific side, feel free to let me know.
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Oct 6, 2006
Let me find my SS Coke bottle to trade. But I got like 50 boxes to look threw. can take awhile. LEON.

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