St. Patrick’s Day Sodas


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one of my favorite green bottles has always been the Reinhart's Beverages from Guelph Ontario , it has a neat green colour and shape . also from Guelph not a bad place to spend st patricks day at if you've ever been there .

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I have this one, and like it a lot, just not as much as the group of seven (which are my favorites). Speaking of Canadians, I very recently got this one (featuring the thistle, second from right).


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Here is a wild shaped bottle for those north of the border. And green to boot.

the Penetang green art deco is a nice one too , I have that bottle in clear but never managed to get a green one . despite it being local to my area you never see the green ones for sale here , at least I rarely recall seeing one

Penetang bottling co was also the coca cola bottler for that area and they seemed to focus more time on that then there local flavours , the only ads I saw for them in newspapers here featured coke

Bottle 2 Rocks

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Chocolate soldier from Hornell NY? In all clear or acl label? Interested in buying if not an acl.
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