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Super seedy chestnut bottle + some kind of decanter from a farm house! Could use some ID help + chestnut experts


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Jul 20, 2019
Picked these two up today. Was gonna wait until tommorow to post because the chestnut looks unbelievable in sunlight but ill just add some when I get a chance. Take a look! I have some questions about both I'll scatter in the image descriptions.

I included the quarter and stopper for a size reference. They're both big, the decanter is 12 inches and the chestnut is 13.

Here's the decanter. Great condition, a slight knick on one of the ridges but perfect otherwise. huge top. Thinking maybe one of those ball stoppers was used with it because there's none of the wears an insertable glass stopper would leave.. I placed the decanter bubble side out. The other panels don't have any. There's a total of 8 sides.

The bottom inch has ridges that I think are cooling marks. You can kinda see them here but they're hard to capture.


Here's the bottom. A smooth middle indent and tons of wear on the side. I have no clue what style this is or how old it is. Maybe 1860s-1870s? Someone's had to of seen something like it. Anyone got any input?


Here's the chestnut in all it's glory


Lip closeup


Here's the bottom. Open pontil with uneven wear from the base not being perfectly flat. I am 99% sure this is authentic but if anyone sees anything fishy let me know


Here's a funky double seed.


Big old potstone. No radiating cracks, fortunately. Overall it's in great condition, very very few scratches on the body which are all super light and small.

I have a few questions for anyone around who's familiar with chestnut bottles, because this is my first one and I have never seen one before in person. Is this a "big" chestnut? I know that chestnuts under 5 inches are considered small, but I don't know what's a normal or medium size versus a large. As previously stated, it's 13 inches tall, maybe 13.5. Also, is this a particularly seedy bottle? To me, it looks like it might have more bubbles in it than the average example. Also, what would you date this chestnut to? I know they were made from the 1770s all the way to the 1850s. Any clues with the lip? I'm guessing 1800s go 1820s but I have no real reason besides intuition.

Anyways, I'll post some pics in natural lighting tommorow. This is my oldest bottle by a few decades now and I'm super happy to of picked it up. Thanks to all the posters on the forum for helping me in part to get to this point in the hobby.
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