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Hi, I am surfaceone's youngest daughter. I'm sure some of you on here know who surfaceone is. This site was his favorite to be on ALL the time. Was this site once an aqua blue color? I'm sure some of you are curious as to how he died and I see no harm in educating others about it. Surfaceone fell sick in the past month and first resisted going to the doctor (not a fan) and probably believed it was just a bug at first. When he finally got an appointment he got blood work and found he had elevated enzyme levels in his liver, which lead to cirrhosis (he is not a drinker nor known to have hep); which led to a discovery of liver cancer.* A disease that claimed his mother's life. The discovery of cirrhosis and the liver cancer all happened within two weeks. His prognosis was that he had weeks to live. He didn't believe this would be what checked him out. He went into cardiac arrest May 3rd around 4am and lost his life. He was 63 years old. He was an avid Hawaiian shirt wearer, watcher of crime dramas, lover of mystery fiction, smoker of menthol cigarettes, past Cleveland Indians season ticket holder, e-s-o-t-e-r-i-c, and he LOVED digging for bottles. He absolutely loved antique bottles. He often risked digging in dangerous, often ghetto areas where he did not belong. "But that's where the good ones are at." He once had a group of young black kids throw rocks at him while in the pit "Go home, whitey!", they said. When he first told me, it made me cringe and very upset. I told him to stop going to those areas or he very well may become a victim of violence. "But who is going to mess with the old crazy white guy with sharp tools?" The thought of it makes me smile now. My last good memory with him was going to Sokolowski's University Inn for dinner this past winter. I had never been and I asked him while visiting town if we could go. It is a Polish cafeteria style, roll-your-sleeves-up kinda place. Every time I ate at a restaurant with my dad he said "It's okay." Even at the most upscale restaurants. Out to dinner at Sokolowski's, he said "This is so good." The first time in my life I have ever heard him call any meal that. He went back to the end of the cafeteria line and kissed his hands. "Compliments to the chef!"
Rest in Paradise, Dad. Please educate yourself about liver cancer. It is hard to detect early on, even with check ups. The average age of diagnosis is 63. Men are at a much higher risk of liver cancer than women. To read more: I am pretty young and this is going to be hard, but I will be so strong for you.
*The doctors were not 100% sure if it was metastic cancer or not. We had another doctor look at his charts at a separate hospital that believed it was metastic colon cancer spread to his liver.


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I'm so sorry to hear that and for yours and your families loss but I'm glad you let us know.I had been wondering for a while how he'd been since he wasn't around here like he use to be. He never spoke of himself, until today I didn't know for sure what gender he was for certain, he was very secretive but I respect that. He also had the best internet research skills I know of.I will certainly miss him around here.My condolences, Eric PS, I thought I hit the approve almost an hour ago. I guess it didn't take. SorryYes, it was "the blue pages" before.


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Sorry for your loss.I just lost my mom to liver cancer the day after christmas.We're burying her next week.Cancer sucks....... :(


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A heart felt sympathy goes out to you and your family. 2-word game will just not be the same anymore. He will greatly be missed on the forum by all of us. It is a bit unbelievable. He loved his bottles and told me he had decided he was a pack rat when packing up to move into the new house. The computer world will have an empty spot now.Renee`


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Wow, what a shocker. I am so sorry. And I agree with Eric. He was the best at doing internet research. He would come up with info on the oddest things within minutes. He will surely be missed here. ~Mike


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So sorry, he was a heck of a great member and I'm sure an awesome person in his regular life.Both my uncles have passed away from liver cancer.I still remember his last post, only was a few weeks ago...R.I.P. Surfaceone


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Wow, I'm so sorry what a shocker. As others have said your Dad was a legend on this forum for helping others and finding info where others couldn't! He would also include an interesting if not related picture as if he had a book of favorites that he wanted to share. We have all benefited so much from his sharing on here, and also like others have said not personal stuff - but his posts invited reflection and wonder about the man behind them. He will be very missed and never replaced. We have lost a handful of some of the worlds most unique souls and though painful even for our little dysfunctional family we are so much better off for having known them.

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So sorry for your loss. He and I exchanged many private messages over the years, mostly political in nature. I regret not being on here much after "the big change" and keeping up with him. Agreed, a legend in this site. RIP ole Surf!

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I am very sorry for your loss, Surf was a great guy and always loved to research things for us. Plus he was always a quick wit with the political stuff, I really enjoyed his posts. He will be missed.....Andy


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Haven't posted here much since the forum change...Thank you surface2 for letting us know...even though an internet "friend" he was a friend none the less. I will miss him and his posts. R.I.P. Surf!!

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