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Surfaceone has passed away


Well-Known Member
May 3, 2009
I am deeply saddened by the news of your dad's passing, in the 5 years we spent here together we talked alot of glass, did a ton of research together and often butted heads over our differing political views. We have had many private messages back and forth thru the years talking bottles, and a couple of years ago I was so madly driven to find out where your dad was from and what he looked like that I spent 4-5 hours scouring the internet using some of his own words and images. I was able to put the pieces together to determine where he was from, and I even found a pic of him that he took himself in his vehicle, none of which I posted out of respect for him. He was also a regular on another forum I visit and I let the guys and girls over there know about his passing. I say this with a tear rolling down my cheek, I WILL REALLY MISS YOUR DAD, for a number reasons. May his Heaven be filled with bottles and people looking for information about them, he was second to none as a reseacher.... [:(]


Well-Known Member
Dec 4, 2007
Peoria Co.
He was a magnificent man, and was taken far too soon. Even more than the bottle-related discussion, his donations of insight and perspective regarding events in the world truly helped open my eyes. I really wish I could pick his brain one last time, but I guess that will have to wait a while. I'm very sorry for your loss, but a man like him can't help but leave a great legacy which will keep on living through the people he knew and helped.


Well-Known Member
Jul 4, 2010
Terrible to hear. He was always someone who could make your day with his posts and his research was incredible. I really hate to hear that and admired him alot



Well-Known Member
Jan 23, 2010
I am stunned,quite sad....... a Great man who cared deeply about the direction our country was turning towards.He and I would send private messages back and forth all of the time. He more then anyone brought enthusiasm and a welcoming sense of insight to new members and made them feel as if they too had been members for years. His uncanny ability to find pictures and match them with his thoughts were his strong point NO ONE COULD DO IT BETTER. I will miss his great sense of humor and quick wit. You can be quite proud of your father Ariel,( What a Beautiful name) and I know he is in a better place. I echo the thoughts of everyone else who has posted here that your father is a great man and I am sure he is conversing with God RIGHT NOW trying to fix some things down here that need to be tweaked a little. I will miss him a great deal and this forum will never be the same with out him. Take care Surf I am a better man to have known you and also look forward to talking to you again. R.I.P my dear friend. Ariel I am so sorry for your loss,your father was one of the finest Americans I have ever known.


Well-Known Member
Jan 1, 2011
Surface2,your Father will be missed, here and I am sure more where you are at.If you remember a Universal rule- Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, just transformed from one form to another. Your Father's energy helped make you and you carry that with you always. He touched us all and that spirit lives on.The late Warren Zevon put an album out as his final act- it contains the song "Keep Me in Your Heart". Absolute tear jerker, but a recording that I recommend to anyone dealing with a loved one's passing. It helped us and many a friend.Rest Peacefully Surf.

RED Matthews

Well-Known Member
Aug 2, 2008
Sarasota FL & Burdett NY
Life is like that. We all go sooner than we want to - and leave dear friends behind to bear the realities of their days left without some one they loved. Sorry but we will remember him. RED M.

Bass Assassin

Well-Known Member
Jun 15, 2013
Deep south
Terribly sorry to hear this news. Surf was an awesome person. I must say he was a great inspiration to me in this hobby. We shared countless private messages back and forth where he shared much of his knowledge with me. I too am deeply saddened by the loss of your father. My condolences to your family. He will truly be missed.

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