The First Texas Milk Bottle & Other Digs


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I went out this past Sunday for a day of trash pit digging and dug some neat stuff from a wide age range. From an early and very deep trash pit I dug several English blackglass bottles, a Hinman/New York clear glass medicine, a small pottery bottle, and a blob top ale bottle that is just beautiful...a nice amber color and full of bubbles-maybe Northeast? From a small 1890's trash pit I dug a tiny poison (2" tall), a Gust Feist Galveston Texas tabasco competitor bottle, and a quart milk bottle embossed "Metropolitan/Milk Company/E.P. Pomeroy/Manager". Very excited about the Pomeroy bottle as I believe this is Texas's first milk bottle...he is known as the man who introduced Texas to glass milk bottles with his Galveston dairy and this is the classic early style. Finally, I was too tired to keep probing (this lot is very hard to probe) so I punched a random hole and came up with an extremely rare hutch soda from Galveston (H. Cortes & Bro Belfast Ginger Ale & Mineral Water-never even seen a whole example of this one) and while I was caving in the hole also found a B.A. Cook Sweet Revenge whiskey flask. All in all a great day of digging. Dug about 50-60 other bottles as well.
My great grandfather was E. P. Pomeroy and that was his dairy, Brenham, Galveston and then Pasadena, Tx. Be glad to share information.

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