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Unusual soda shape


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Jan 11, 2020
New Jersey
I love all your pictured bottles. I have similar ones but not exactly like those. Triple bubble like shape. I totally agree with fred that green one is killer. Maybe one day, who knows.


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Aug 10, 2016
Other brands that used the same bottle? ~ Sonny Boy ~ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

According to Courtney Glazer ...

"Another franchise, in Alexandria, Louisiana, was started by Edna (Glazer) and Milton Fox. They started Sonny Boy, which was named for their oldest son, Sylvan Fox. The Alexandria franchise was less successful than Shreveport and the Foxes soon left bottling for broadcasting."

Sonny Boy Deco Bottle Oklahoma City.jpg

Notice the star on the base - which is similar (identical?) to the one on the Star Bottling bottle

Sonny Boy Deco Bottle Oklahoma City Base.jpg
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Aug 10, 2016
Here's a similar Deco bottle by the same company (Star Bottling - Fort Worth, Texas) but this one is embossed "High Grade" - According to the 1924-25 Joseph Glazer patent, this bottle is earlier than the 1929 Uncle Jo bottles …

High Grade Bottle Fort Worth .jpg

High Grade Bottle Fort Worth  Base.jpg

Deco Bottle Joseph Glazer 1924.png

Footnote: I hope I didn't overdo it - but hopefully we have a better idea about the history of these totally cool Deco bottles. As far as I know, the two patents I posted were the only soda bottles that were designed and patented by Joseph Glazer - although there may be others that I missed.

If anyone is interested in an earlier High Grade bottle, this Star High Grade Cola is currently on eBay with a "Make Offer" option … (But the listing ends in about 20 hours)

Star High Grade Bottle Fort Worth Texas eBay May 2020.jpg
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