Vintage 1936 Coke bottle photographed with 1976 Vivitar 28mm lens

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That is actually a 1923 called a Christmas Coke. Good job on the photo. I have a Canon EOS Rebel and it takes nice photos too. You did good on the aperture setting blurring out the background and keeping the bottle as the focal point.

What makes it a Christmas coke? I know nothing about coke bottles but ended up with a really pretty one, bottled in my hometown. (Redding CA)

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The patent office was actually open on Christmas day, 1923, and that is when the issue date for this design happened.

The Coke bottles with that design patent date are called Christmas Cokes.

An earlier Coke bottle has the Nov. 16, 1915 design patent date on it. However, the earliest Coke bottles with this kind of design looked like the 1923 design patent, not the 1915 design patent. A later type of coke bottle didn't have a patent date but it had the patent office design number, D-105529. It is called the "D-pat" Coke bottle. It was patented in 1937. The 1915, 1923, and 1937 Coke bottles all look approximately the same (the 'hobbleskirt' design), except for the patent information on them.

Beware of reproduction Christmas Cokes! They were made in 1989.

Here is a good 'spotter's guide' for different date range types of contour Coke bottles.

If you want to determine the rarity of a contour Coke bottle by its date and city, get yourself a copy of Bill Porter's Coke Bottle Checklist.

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