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Warner's Safe Pills

Robby Raccoon

Trash Digger
Jun 14, 2014
Locō movērī
Bob North First Editions 069.JPG

At the Grand Rapids, Michigan, bottle show today, I was talked into buying this boxed and labeled Warner's Safe Pills with fold-out ad/instructions fairly cheaply.
Brookfield green 1.JPG
The bottom and top are missing, but I will add a new bottom as I restore books and it will be similar in method. As for top, I will leave it alone.
Dig After Accident 030.JPG
It is in several languages (English, Italian, French...), and from what I gather is an 1880s-1890s medicine. Is this correct?
What is "...safe with negro gather herbs..."?
Brookfield green 1.jpg
This is my only Warner's piece, which I picked up only because I'd like to specialise in paper-label items of small size.
On e-Bay recently, the box and instructions only recently sold for about $10 plus shipping.
And un-opened version sold for $54.
So I think I did well, albeit mine is opened and missing the pills.
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andy volkerts

Well-Known Member
Jan 10, 2005
Sacramento, California
Welcome back! Yes it is a 1880-90s vintage medicine. don't know unless they mean that the herbs and spices were harvested by black folk back in the day, meaning they had knowledge of the herbs and spices medicinal qualities, just an educated guess....Andy

andy volkerts

Well-Known Member
Jan 10, 2005
Sacramento, California
hey Robert, not to change the subject to much, but, have you ever gone back to that old building with the hole in the wall that is so dark where the bottle was actually in the concrete wall???

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