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Jul 20, 2013
The information that bottle diggers/divers/sellers/collectors have contributed is far greater than any government could deliver. The amount of dirt moved and areas searched far rivals any efforts by any government, and no government could excavate to the extent individuals have. The cataloguing of bottles by these same individuals is incredible...the slightest variation in color or difference in embossing does not go unnoticed. Just look at the 8 page discussion about half leaf repairs/pinches. Any amount of government effort could not produce information and results like these. Diggers that sell their finds are not greedy looters but allow bottles to get into the hands of individuals who catalogue. And the most amazing part of the whole thing is there is no government intervention. Not only are private individuals far exceeding what a government could do, the American people are not being taxed to fund this work AND these individuals profit off the work they do. A fine example that showcases when individuals are left alone without government intervention they succeed and do incredible things. Now this works in the case of bottles. Other artifacts maybe, maybe not. Are we looters? No. Are we archaeologists? Does it really matter?

This is in response to the thread "Archaeologist or Looter" which took a turn for the worst.

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