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What? A river bank full of paver bricks!? Damn right!


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May 8, 2005
Whats up yall just ran a search on some new paver bricks i found and HAHA i found out my old thread had 4 pages of responses. LOL Anyways I was just out at the river less than a 1/4 mile outside the heart of indianapolis and guess what i found? A riverbank lined with hundreds of paver bricks!....I took about 39 of the best bricks that were scattered along about a 3 mile stretch of bank and i ended up with 12 different paver companies. 2 of which sold on ebay recently for $20 and $15. And I have a ton of them. Now I know bricks arent worth a world of money, but it is sort of cool to find bricks that paved the roads of downtown indianapolis over 100 years ago. Maybe I'll post some pics if yall are interested, once i get em cleaned up.
The styles were
Indiana Paving Brick Co.
IND Block Brazil, IND
Ae?na (If you recognize this please fill in the question mark letter)
Wabash Clay Co. Veedersburgh IND
Townsend Block ZO (Not sure what ZO is?)
Poston's Knobstone Block
B A R (R? K?)(Does anyone know what the last letter is?)
Minerva Block
Marion Paver
Evens & Howard St. Louis

OH and if you've got any info on any of these company's histories that'd be great. Thanks


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Nov 23, 2005
N.E. Florida
It's cool that you're finding so many different ones...collect them up,they are worth at least a buck each and you can't pick dollars up off the ground all the time.


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Mar 18, 2006
New Lexington, OH
What is, the letter T, for $10,000.[:D]
Oh, I didn't win? That would be Aetna.[;)] I don't know much about bricks, but the ZO could be Zanesville Ohio??[&:] Not many Z words. Gotta love them bricks.


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Mar 18, 2006
New Lexington, OH
I'm not sure, if you look at the difference in the spacing of the legs of the R on the left, and the mystery letter, they're quite different. If it's different, that only leaves K, H and possibly N.


Sep 2, 2006
Dearborn, MI
Newbie here.
My husband and I just bought a house built in 1917 (Dearborn, MI) , and have inherited old bottles, pictures and frames, baskets, sea shells and rocks, glasswear, old tea tins, magnets, matches, and bricks. The previous owners were in their 90's, and apparently their family didn't want their collectables. (???!!!) I'm waiting for a response from the Dearborn Historical Society for more info on the original owners. In an email I sent c/o the society, I described some of the bricks we found, one of which says, "TOWNSEND BLOCK ZO". I Googled it and found this site. I've been fishing around here, in amazement, while waiting for my password confirmation, (for over an hour), and am DELIGHTED by all of the helpful information! I only wish I had a digital camera, because you folks seem so well informed.
Back to the bricks...there are many (40-50) piled in our yard, and although I haven't gone through them all, there are plenty of them with the initials "JSH" and "IFB". There is also a "JSH" brick in the basement foundation, serving it's purpose. Any idea on what the initials might be?
This is so exciting...I feel like this house could be HGTV "If Walls Could Talk" worthy. We've been told that the previous owner was a horticulturalist for Henry Ford, Sr.
Thanks for your time.

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