What is everyone's favorite hutch bottle?

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Given the intensity of color, that was my initial response upon scrolling to the photo; and it remains my opinion. You have a beautiful assortment nevertheless, though frankly, I'd prefer that people not irradiate bottles other than by leaving them out in the sunshine.

And that’s what I want is an education, here! Self taught for years, only goes so far, when they see me coming, at the bottle show. Thinking about it, I bought a few deep purple ones from this 1 guy, there. Had never seen that color in a bottle, which should have been my first clue! I’m defiantly not for modifying, here.

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Although not very rare in normal clear or aqua, these three color variants of Augusta Brewing Company are among my favorites. Vibrant yellow green, rich ice blue, and lime green.
three colored hutches.JPG


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My ultra rare Ann Arbor Star Bottling Works, similar to the toledo hutch but nearly impossible to find in comparison. Real nice aqua, this was saved from a construction site in the heart of the old fourth ward of Ann Arbor which has fallen victim to the University of Michigan’s ever growing campus which is unfortunately razing entire blocks of historic 19th century homes. Glad this was able to be retrieved before the concrete was poured!

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