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What is your weirdest find?

Harry Pristis

Well-Known Member
Jul 24, 2003
Northcentral Florida
Here's a wrought iron anchor from a river bottom. As I lugged this anchor up a cut bank to the surface for later pick-up, I disturbed something in the cypress roots. I knew it left in a hurry because of the cloud of sediment hanging in the otherwise clear water. A few minutes later, I was back on the bottom moving over smooth limestone with the current. Directly in my path, about 15 feet ahead of me, was the thing I chased from the cypress roots -- a five-foot alligator! It was on the bottom, headed downstream like I was. I was moving inexorably with the current, while the 'gator was stationary. There was no way for me to stop abruptly -- no crevice to grab, no branch to clutch -- a second encounter was inevitable. I got close enough in those few seconds to feel the adrenaline rush; but, to my great relief, the 'gator took off downstream like a torpedo.
I still have the anchor.


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