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What is your weirdest find?


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Oct 14, 2009
Woodstock, ME.
What is your weirdest or just most surprising find? Mine would have to be a Pennsylvania firefighters button from the civil war era that was not even buried. I don't have any pictures right now but will have some later.
While diving I found a coffin plate. At first I didn't know what it was, after doing some research I found out that loved ones would often take these for momentous of there loved ones. After researching the name I found out he had died and was buried near boston, while he and his family was from the town I found the plate at in maine.



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Feb 24, 2020
once while scuba diving for bottles in the North West Arm .( A small bay that runs off the west side of Halifax Harbor )'.when you are at about 50 or so the gravelly bottom turns to silt so when we dive here we run along the bottom in t with your hand in the silt sometimes up to your elbow .looking for bottles I've come up with some nice ones doing this . This is 0 viz diving we are completely blind in the silt . once while doing this I was running my hand down in the mud when I caught something , i pulled it out and swam up to get out of the silt cloud to see what it was when i began to clear the cloud of silt iI stirred up I held the object up and saw a little baby's button nose and a round baby face and than 2 blue eyes opened up! this is not something i was ready too see in 50 feet of murky water. after a couple of seconds it was apparent it was a child' s doll but it sure gave me a start i nearly swollowed my regulator

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