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What's the best ketchup bottles


Nov 14, 2020
I like the tall #69(?) Heinz. Pat'd. June 9, 1891. It has an oversized bulbus bottom and nice embossment.
...I hear in some states its been outlawed as a semi-deadly hand weapon ;). Anybody got a pic?


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Mar 9, 2013
Northern N.J.
Last year while clearing an area of my yard for flower and fern planting, my girl friend and I discovered a BIM bottle, that I almost immediately dissed as junk sauce or salad dressing. Upon further examination, I saw that it was BIM and had embossing on the bottom. It is embossed H. J. HEINZ & Co. / No. 37. We filled it with water and let it soak, completely forgetting about it. Then this winter I finished cleaning it (sorta) and snapped some pics, meaning to post something about it here.
We did some research and found two sources of info, and we believe the 37th product was a sandwich spread. So, there we have an example of one of the other 56 varieties.... ok, ok, maybe not Ketchup, but still kinda cool.
IMG_2283 (3).jpgIMG_2290 (3).jpgIMG_2288 (4).jpg
One of my earliest dig finds was the Curtice Bros Preserves bottle and have found numerous examples from fairly crudely hand formed to the sharper almost ABM - and colors, clear, amethyst, aqua and smokey. My favorite was one I sold on feebay several years ago, it was hand tooled lip finish, 8 or ten panelled with each panel having a triangle point at top by shoulder. It was also turning SCA.
But, as several collectors here have said... they just don't really tug on my collecting heart. I have a incidental table sauce collection too... could post pics if anyone wants to see them...

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