yet another new FleaBay change...


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you can no longer put your email address in your listing ... or links.
they are tightening the screws[;)] got to rein in all those off-site deals that are getting away.

Buyers should be able to find everything they need to complete a purchase right in the listing--and if necessary, contact the seller right from eBay. Starting in October, sellers will not be able to submit a new listing or re-listing if the description includes an email address or link that doesn't help buyers transact safely and efficiently on eBay.

One or more of your listings may have email addresses or non-compliant links, so be sure to start updating these listings and listing templates now.


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i've listed on fleabag before ,,,it just got to much of a problem.. i list on my local craigs list now...i've sold a few things 4 old wooden soda crates,,the only problem i've had is buyers not wanting to travel from one side of the phoenix valley to the other.


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eBay is still the best gig in town, so i just adapt and conform to their policies.
I'm passing all there costs on to buyer like they want. they want free shipping so you raise the price. if things stop selling they lose too....


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I understand the dislike for all what eBay does, and wants you to do. I myself disagree with much of it.
However, I do go there every evening, looking for locals, and strap flasks for my collection. Sort of like a bottle show every evening for me.
I have averaged one purchase a week on the Bay for over 10 years..........


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I used to buy and sell on ebay all the time. I haven't listed any thing in over a year and I think I have only bought one bottle in the past 7 months.. Its sad when you think about it. I much prefer buying at shows and from other collectors privately



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I agree, Chris. For me, it is just not worth the hassle. I will always keep my eBay account for buying, as I have purchased some very good bottles through eBay that I would not have wanted to miss. As far as selling, they lost me a long time ago. I cannot leave a non-paying buyer a negative or even a neutral, yet a con man I know of who has been kicked off of eBay numerous times for taking people's money and not delivering the goods keeps "reappearing" and doing it again.That is not a good environment for buyers or sellers, but the big bad Bay doesn't care. I'm not a fan of their double-dipping forced PayPal swindle, either.

There are a lot of good sellers on eBay, and it is enjoyable when I do find an item of interest once in a while. That is the extent of their usefulness to me. ~Jim


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Jim, I know what you and Chris are saying but for me collecting such a limited area I need to continue to find stuff on e-bay and Craigslist... alot of the time when a bottle doesn't sell I'll contact the buyer and see if we can work out a deal which has benefitted me many times....Jim


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As PD said, eBay still seems to be the best gig in town. I've sold antiques on eBay since 1998 (with my parents' bank info, as I was 11 at the time) and despite the disagreeable procedures they have implemented throughout the years I can still make it work very well for me. I make more off eBay now than I did a decade ago off the same kind of items (inflation controlled for), simply because eBay reaches a far larger audience than it did in the good 'ole days. I remember when Ballistic missile engines, automatic weapons, grenades, and prostitutes were offered with reckless abandon. I wish I was a decade older so I could have taken advantage of all the goodness available before the idiotic fear of terrorism ruined everything for those of us with esoteric, adventurous, and innocent but somewhat suspect interests - those such as myself. The increased fees/surcharges/restrictions aren't preferable but those collected funds also serve to bring more potential customers to the table (in a roundabout way, but whatever). It is one out of many tools available to the dealer/distributor, certainly, but if utilized properly it can earn you a "middle-class" fortune with little relative effort

This new change doesn't take effect for several months, so I plan to cause as much damage as I can to the eBay coffers before i am forced to comply (and of course fill my own vaults in the process).

Once the rules are enforced, a few tweaks here and there will bypass the restrictions and I'll be back in full-swing. Ya gotta roll with the punches, not moan and groan and then succumb to them. [;)]


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Once the rules are enforced, a few tweaks here and there will bypass the restrictions and I'll be back in full-swing. Ya gotta roll with the punches, not moan and groan and then succumb to them.

What ticks me off is not the changes fleabay makes, its how they always annouce the changes as being for eveyone's benefit.
I find their public relations efforts a bit dishonest and insulting. Sort of like Exxon telling me that raising gas prices will help me drive less.

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