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I collect a lot of different pop bottles... and have an opportunity to buy 2 of the colored ACL Kist bottles you posted pics off. Not the more recent blue ACL's... but the earlier color labels Is $65 each a reasonable price? Don't know all that you collect... but you sound knowledgeable... any idea on an older Kist Rootbeer ACL? asking $75 Wayne
Hi Wayne, I don't remember posting those pics of Kist bottles. I don't really know anything about Kist but $65 sounds like a lot of money for a national brand.
New member, didn't realize I was a bottle collector until I looked around the house. Hoping to learn more about historic bottles.
I’m proud of you. I’m sure that felt good to finally get off your chest.
pardon me but do you have any suggestions towards selling items and how to attract people towards purchasing browssing for sale
I have a bottle it's a Florida store bottle and its I'm not sure if it's because how old it is but it looks like I'm a five-year-old made it now somebody told me that that means might be worth a little bit me a little bit more moneyw
There are People Here Who Can Answer Your Questions. But I Am Not One Of Them .I Am Just Learning To .Hope You Find Your Answers. Grace Abounds
I have over 200 bottles I need to sale or trade asap bc I'm moving.old macon coke bottle,pepai,dr pepper 10 24,too many others to name but text me for pics.404 918 5256
hello galveston .i found an old star dairy qt.star dairy milk bottle all embossed from galveston tex. I also am new

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