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Hey Bruce, thanks for the thumbs-up do you have any idea what brand of beer that was, I'm guessing it was 1920s
It is from the MILWAUKEE BREWERY CO of Milwaukee WI. It maybe 1920. Not really sure.
Thanks Bruce, I thought that might have been just the bottling company not the brand. I'm in the Chicagoland area I will be having a collectible and antique flea market if you know anybody in the area interested they can contact me. It will be in conjunction with a music fest very reasonable probably haven't of August once I know the date, I would contact them as soon as possible
I got two 7up bottles- both have eight-8 bubbles over swimsuit lady, but only seven-7 on label, can somebody tell me is that a variant out there that is rare, a single bottle with both 7-8 bubbles?
Yes I Saw All The Green Yesterday On A thread. I decided To Show A Little Green So If Anyone Else Missed They Can Show Theirs .I Never Knew People Celebrated St.. Patty's Day Until I Was In San Francisco And They Had A Parade And All The Bars Were serving Corn Beef And Cabbage. With Green Beer ,I Think I Had A Good Time But The Next Day I had The Rewards Of A Good Time . In .Have a Great Day Grace Abounds
Hello K6TIM ; The Opening On The One You Say Is A Urine Bottle Is Only 9/16 in. Opening . I Don,t Know About You But Down Here It Would Not Work. But I Thank You For Your Effort
We collect the Anchor Hocking Commemorative Bottles. We probably have about 100 of them.
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I Have A Few Commemorative Bottles I Think I Have At Least 60 Of The Coca Cola Commemorative Full Bottles Came Out In The 80,'S And 90S If You Ever Want Some Let Me Know . I Am Getting Rid Of Everything .Well I Will Try To Get Rid Of Everything . Do You Live Around Panama Beach I. live About 80 Miles North Of Houston tex. I Just Found Your Letter .I Am Also New 'And Learning .Good Luck Grace Abounds
I collect a lot of different pop bottles... and have an opportunity to buy 2 of the colored ACL Kist bottles you posted pics off. Not the more recent blue ACL's... but the earlier color labels Is $65 each a reasonable price? Don't know all that you collect... but you sound knowledgeable... any idea on an older Kist Rootbeer ACL? asking $75 Wayne
Hi Wayne, I don't remember posting those pics of Kist bottles. I don't really know anything about Kist but $65 sounds like a lot of money for a national brand.
New member, didn't realize I was a bottle collector until I looked around the house. Hoping to learn more about historic bottles.
I’m proud of you. I’m sure that felt good to finally get off your chest.
feeling good comes easy when you are in the right .and hard when you are in the wrong .thanks for caring .GRACE ABOUNDS
what Are You Collecting ? I Hope You Are EnJoying It. Have You A Nice Day

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