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Does anyone have a knowledge of a Canadian Coca Cola hobleskirt bottle dated 1932 from The Mid-West Glass Ltd. Company out of Winnipeg ?
Bruce, I bought this one as a soda. Queen City Bottling Co. (Cincinnati) 7 fl oz. You would know if it is actually beer. If not, then it must be soda. The key may be the word Bottling, because if it’s beer, they use Brewery, right? Maybe not, why I’m asking. Also, did beers ever come in 7 fl oz size? Again, if not, then soda. What say you? Thanks.


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Not sure. It resembles a GINGER BEER in its style.
Right, ginger beer, but not alcoholic, like you collect. Did your alcohol beers ever come from bottlers, as opposed to brewers? In 7 fl oz size?
Many beers came in a 7 oz size. Some breweries owned their own bottling companies too. Some bottling companies contracted beer and then they bottled it. I use to help determine if a company is a brewery. Also use to look for all kinds of companies.
This is Tim Belcher in Murray. I haven't been doing much with bottles lately. To much else going on. I may have some weekend time this summer to get out & dig. Do you have anywhere planned?
Most of my spots have fizzled out. Do you know any locations?
Howdy Texev. Why Do They Put A Bell By My Post When I Place A thread on a forum
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I am a Christian bottle hunter born and raised out of Nebraska. I seek to find any and all bottles possible. One thing I find intriguing about bottle hunting is the creeks and the natural processes that God created within creeks. It is so cool to see how the creek changes and over time can reveal new bottles with floods and banks collapsing.
Hello - My Name is Tony and I Live 3 hours north of Toronto. What I was wondering if you might belong to any Toronto - Facebook - bottle groups? - Thx Tony
Hello, where you from? North bay, French River/ Sudbury area? A good Bottle club is the 4 seasons Bottle Club in Toronto, they have the bottle show once a year (hasn't been one in a while from covid), Im kinda new at the whole bottle club thing but usually have much of local antique dealers I communicate regularly about local finds and such :)
Hi Wildcat Wrangler!

OMG! What a monster! Yeah, Jar Doc is in a class by himself. (I bet that thing could outpower a VW Beetle.) Keep protecting those kits! Love the feline decor tastefully mixed with nautical.--You should have been an interior decorator. Stay well. (Several members of my family got hit by Covid too. Bummers.)

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