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Recent content by Alabama

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    Lewis Bear Drug Co Pensicola Fla

    I dug a very nice Lewis Bear Drug Co. Pensacola, Fla Poison bottle that was had not a chip, crack or fisheye that cleaned up very nice and sold it for $1600 at the first bottle show I set up to sell at around 2006 and I did not know what I had, from what little I found online and asking around...
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    ebay deal of the day

    I sold hundreds of Bromos several years ago when people were putting these "Bottle Trees" in their yards and gardens, at one point I could get $15-20 apiece for larger ones. I'd put 2-3 on my table at the local flea-market at a time and women would come by and buy all 2,3,4 on the table at a...
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    The dangers of digging

    One of my favorite dumps was in a ravine between two cemeteries dating back to the 1860's. Dug many many great sodas from a couple of Coke Hutches to some nice rare Coke & Pepsi Straight Sides, easy digging they dumped down the side of a hill no deeper to dig than 3-4 feet, I dug a milk glass...
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    New addition Tuskegee Straight Side Coke

    This one did contain Coca Cola. I have seen one full with an original label the label is in poor condion, it is in the hands of a 97 year old lifetime resident of Tuskegee who got this bottle in the 1930's when he bought the first bottling plant building from the Johnson family, he found it...
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    $450 Price jump??

    I sent him a polite message to let him know it was in the 20-35$ range. I would only pay about 25 for it.
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    WTH is this thing???

    Hey I resemble that remark
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    Attn: Drake's Plantation Bitters Collectors

    Ending Soon: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290678604988 An olive green 6 log You can own it, current bid is only 10,000.00 I dont know if this seller expected the auction to go this high! Opening bid was only 99.99
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    One of my better ALA Cokes

    [:D] This one is from my hometown Notasulga, ALA
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    New addition Tuskegee Straight Side Coke

    Just picked this guy up at a great price! Could not turn it away. Same slug plate as the Tuskegee Coca Cola Hutch.
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    Alabama Digging

    Anyone in Alabama want to do some digging? I'm in the Auburn area.
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    Info on Coca-Cola Camp Hill, Alabama

    Camp Hill is one of the two I am missing
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    List of Chero bottles?

    Here are the Alabama ones I have: Opelika, AL Horseshoe Script Opelika, AL Slant Script Tuskegee, AL Block Slant with slug plate Brundidge, Al Block Slant Tallassee, AL Soda Water Montgomery, AL Block and Script Slant Eufaula, AL Block Slant Birmingham, AL Block
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    Jasper & Bessemer Hutch Coca Colas

    The Jasper would go in the 2500-3000 range and the Bessemer would go in the 4200-4800 range in todays market. Five years ago they would have fetched in the 5000 range for the Jasper and the 8000 range for the Bessemer. I sold the rare variation (company not works in the slug plate) of the...
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    The Star Botting Works Montgomery, AL

    Any idea on the value of a Hutch The Star Botting Works Montgomery, AL?

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