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Recent content by anj2006

  1. anj2006

    Bottle porn

    That is a beautiful bottle!
  2. anj2006

    Bottle porn

    You make me want to start taking diving lessons coldwater! I live extremely close to the Susquehanna, which was litterd with indian tribes all the way up to the early 1800's. Curiosity has had the best of me for years of what might be under that water!!
  3. anj2006

    Bottle porn

    That is a sweet ink my friend. ( it would look good on my shelf )... lol
  4. anj2006

    Pepsi Hutch.....Wow

    I would love to find one of them! Not for the value, for the history and passion for collecting!!! Wow thats nice!!
  5. anj2006

    East Coast snow storm!!

    Yes i go muddin in it absolutely!!!!! Thats why it was built!!! Sucks when things break, but thats part of it! The thing only gets like 3 miles to the gallon. It has 2 tanks and it costs like 150 bucks to fill. But its worth it!!!!! I am 45 myso and daughter are grown. The boys are foster...
  6. anj2006

    East Coast snow storm!!

    Sorry, got that a little backwards!! Lol.
  7. anj2006

    East Coast snow storm!!

    Front page of the local newspaper! my boys having a blast!!! [ATTATACH]
  8. anj2006

    Two word game

    Major snow!!!!
  9. anj2006

    East Coast snow storm!!

    I have a 86 f 350 crew cab 5 sp.. it has a 6 inch suspension 3 inch body lift 38 inch super swampers!!! Big 460 takes that thing anywhere! The motor is pushing over 450 hp. Thanks to last years income tax, edelbrock everything. And straight pipes! Sounds like a raped ape!!! The plow set up...
  10. anj2006

    East Coast snow storm!!

    Plow brother! Plow! Gave up on the shoveling a ling time ago.....
  11. anj2006

    East Coast snow storm!!

    Camels dont get a break do they???lol...
  12. anj2006

    East Coast snow storm!!

    Thats alot of snow!!!!
  13. anj2006

    Soft drink bottles

    Nice, welcome.
  14. anj2006

    East Coast snow storm!!

    Being located in central PA, we got cracked!!! I drive a semi and let me tell you this is no fun!!! It aint to bad when your loaded if your carefull, but when your empty its a whole new ball game!! We got 25 1/2 inches!!!

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