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    New York Embossed Coffin Flask

    I like it!! :)
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    Yellow Amber Mason's Midget Pint Fruit Jar Sells for $5,960.00

    Seller said was from an estate sale, what a find!
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    Yellow Amber Mason's Midget Pint Fruit Jar Sells for $5,960.00

    Looking around on feeBay I saw this pint jar sold for $5,960.00! Crazy! Nice looking jar, you can see it HERE
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    They sure don't make 'em like they used to!
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    Prescription 1000 bottle

    I like it!
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    Old Quack/ Snake Oil Medicines

    I'm not sure this one is quack or snake oil but sounds interesting. DR. JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE and on the back THE STRENGTH GIVER. I understand it was for intestinal worms, yikes!
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    Some new PATERSON NJ finds...

    Thank you sir, that makes good sense, don't need to waste anything!
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    Some new PATERSON NJ finds...

    Nice bottles for sure. I didn't know they used that type closure on a crown top, very interesting.
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    My Pepsi Bottle

    Not on the back of mine, there's just a small Pepsi logo up on the shoulder. But on the lower front of the bottle is Oklahoma City.
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    My Pepsi Bottle

    Cool! Thank you jrfalen
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    My Pepsi Bottle

    I found this in the dirt but it cleaned up pretty good. About what year would it be from? Is that a date code on the bottom? Sorry for the giant pix. Thanks!
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    Gifted an amazing collection

    WOW! Super nice collection!
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    A fun day of DIGGING

    Big fun indeed! Looks like you guys had a great time and some great finds, thanks for sharing that.
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    Interesting find from an antique store. Has a pontil bottom and crude flared finish

    That's too cool for target practice :)

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