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    any info on this bowl?

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    how did you get into this

    Actually, that is pretty much what I do, but I found my first in a bottle dump right off a trail where I was metal detecting. Kallocrine for the skin and hair, a $322 bottle from a small pharmacy in Connecticut from the 1840s. I started to look for more but on the first day all I found was...
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    noooo..... I just broke my first and only complete drinking glass

    I just found one like it, seems I have good karma.
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    Zara Stampalia

    Welcome to the forum. I have never seen a bottle like that.
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    Dalgety and Co Pty Ltd bottle.

    Cool, wow. Welcome to the forum.
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    buried some bottles

    While digging a hole for a pond insert I had the idea of burying some really common and not now old bottles (if you want to know, Anheuser-Busch) for future bottle diggers or archaeologists.
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    HELP !!! Unopened Bottle Of Bath Foam

    Is that a barcode I see? not very old and probably original sell price value. it would display nicely, though. I like how it looks on your window sill.
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    This week's finds!

    OH! eagle in letters! I thought it would be like a picture like on anheuser-busch.
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    Diamond patterned barber bottle?

    Nice one. Never seen anything like it.
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    This week's finds!

    The red paint bottle is from the 70s-80s. the white one is likely a cream, sometimes the contents are still inside and the lid looks to be in good enough shape to open. Which is the eagle bottle?And the ridged vial?
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    New construction site treasures!

    That bottle is selling for $16 on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/521500376/cobalt-bromo-seltzer-medicine-bottle?ref=shop_home_active_21&frs=1
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    New construction site treasures!

    Nice! What is the embossing on the cobalt jar?
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    How to find a dig site?

    sometimes the bottles are on/partly on the surface.

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