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    Treasure found at local market-Bellarmine Or Bartmann Jug

    Google bellarmine and select images, there are lots that are three dimensional and quite detailed. Not all are repos, it just looks and feels right, been collecting for 50 years.
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    Treasure found at local market-Bellarmine Or Bartmann Jug

    Jamestown ones are marked as such from Jamestown.
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    Treasure found at local market-Bellarmine Or Bartmann Jug

    I found this at our local market, Southworks in Cambridge Ont. I have been collecting for 50 years and this is the first one I have found to buy. It was described as a face vase but in fact it is a Bellarmine or Bartmann Jug from Germany. These jugs were used from 1650's to the mid 1700's. It is...
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    Wanted Dominion Soda Water from Dundas

    Hi all, I am looking for a bottle from Dundas Ontario. I believe it only came in a machine made version of which there are pints and quarts. It has a full elk on it and Dominion Soda Water, Dundas Ontario. Bruce w. Thurston
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    Salt shakers????or Not a salt shaker???? TIS THE QUESTION

    I believe that the glass one is definitely a salt shaker, the porcelain one could be a sander. Back in the day they would sprinkle sand on the wet ink to help it dry. But more than likely it to is a salt shaker.
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    2 suspicious bottles

    Your 100% correct Marty, there are not many young people interested in old stuff, they all want to buy from Ikea, use it and throw it away. I have a lot of stuff mostly old being I have collected for almost 50 years. The good stuff is never hard to sell, so my advice to any aspiring collector is...
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    Just when you think you've heard it all...

    I have been collecting for almost 50 years and have never heard of a pimple pontil. Bruce
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    Canadian quart Sodas for sale

    Where are you located Embe, looking for squat Sodas, from Hamilton, Galt, Brantford, Guelph 226-922-9764, I live near Cambridge, Ontario
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    Canadian quart Sodas for sale

    I have eight Canadian quart Sodas, 5 are blob top, 3 are handmade crown top. 3 - blob top Pilgrim Bros. from Hamilton all different. 1 - R.S. Dunlop from Brantford, blob top 1 - Hamilton Bros. Galt Ontario 1 - J. J. McLaughlin hygea waters Toronto 1 - York Springs, blob top 1 - Cummer & Sons...
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    New Maple Leaf Bottle Auction

    The newest offering from Maple Leaf Auction started today and is over on May 2nd at 6:00 pm. . There is some really nice items up for auction. Scott runs a good sale and is on line only. Bruce
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    Mini wine bottles?

    QUOTE="Catcat16, post: 724927, member: 28751"] Blueing? I’m not familiar with that term. Hi cat bluing was used to make your laundry whites whiter. Your mother may have used it. My mother did, she would just wave the bar of bluing in the wash tub. Bruce
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    New acquisition - Owl from Bradford, Mass.

    Very nice, love owl bottles
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    New Additions from Local Bottle show.

    Never seen a quart hutch, do not think we have one in Canada at least not that I have seen in almost 50 years of collecting. Good finds and nice to have a bottle tumbler. You can pick up some nice bottles that need fixing. Bruce
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    Case Gin - Real or Repro?

    Looks right to me as well, have never seen a case gin faked or reproduced. Bruce

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