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Dr Pepper bottle man

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  • Mine was approx 2" tall, and shaped like a punkin seed flask with a screw top, cobalt blue.
    I also had the ad I got off google several years ago, thanx, Doyle

    PS. Bill Agee a big time collector in Waco had 2 of them and I got mine from him. This is the only three I know of.
    I sent mine to Brad Seigler who was writing a book on Texas medicine bottles.
    My email is cctrayders@comcast.net, send an email and I will send some pics.
    Hi there, I recently came across a post you had from a few years back regarding a Dr. HE. Robinsons Cacterine Waco, Tex bottle. I've recently come across one myself and was wondering if you could share any information on this one as it seems to be fairly rare. Thanks!

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