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    Birch beer

    According to Google sap and twigs was how it was made in the beginning...
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    Birch beer

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    Paterson bottles from Pompton lks show.

    Kamerling was at 99 Clinton St. from 1892-1909...
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    Paterson bottles from Pompton lks show.

    Great shirt, I wanted one, but I want it in black and with the label on the back...
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    Paterson bottles from Pompton lks show.

    Christian Braun was mayor for a while, and this is Abraham Kamerling...
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    All bottle boxes should be this good...

    The first quart hutch with the Elk Head and the two Anchor bottles have already sold
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    All bottle boxes should be this good...

    Grabbed a bunch of bottles, some real local beauties in here... The two amber Umabach's have different slugplates, everything is for sale...
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    What is this? Pontil mark?

    Suck and blow scar from a bottle machine, bottle was spun in the mold after being blown so there are no seams. In my opinion 1960-70's vase...
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    Birch beer

    Thee BEST Birch Beer on the PLANET, Boylan's Creamy Red, bars around here in NJ used to have birch beer on tap and guys like me would order Half Birch Half Beer in a mug...
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    Found this bottle yesterday and cannot find any pictures of it online…has anybody seen this before?

    This was a Kummel bottle, it is a sweet, colorless liqeuer flavored with caraway seed, cumin and fennel
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    Hello from Central Jersey!

    Fred is doing well, he comes in and out of the hobby...
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    Pepper Sauce Bottle

    Here's one with a label...
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    Pepper Sauce Bottle

    I believe it's a Boston Sandwich produced bottle, and it's a cologne and not a pepper sauce, very nice..
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    Need Bottle Manufacturer or Makers Mark Identified, Please Help.

    Yes it is, their beer bottles come with numbers or letters, I think they are just mold numbers. Here is the link Bill Lockhart put together...

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