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Recent content by eric70

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    B&O porcelain Insulator

    No problem at all, happy to help out...I look forward to seeing what other insulators you might have...I am always up for swapping bottles for insulators or insulators for insulators, or if I am interested I may be willing to buy some of your insulators. you may have seen some of my other posts...
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    B&O porcelain Insulator

    I forgot to add that porcelain units are identified as U-# or M-#, the B&O piece is a U-293A Eric
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    B&O porcelain Insulator

    Yes I have seen these before at insulator shows. they always come in white and usually sell between $10-$20. They were manufactured by Porcelain Products Co. Nice piece!.. Eric
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    St-Georges, Quebec ACL bottle

    Thanks for the intel on that you guys , that helps me out in determining approximately when these would have been coming out, I also suspected the 40s-50s but it's always nice to get some sort of confirmation. Your ACL labels are mint RCO those are great. I never have come upon that particular...
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    looking for insulators

    hello, those that know me know that i specialize in the CD 104s as well as Brookfield stuff. I do various studies on these pieces trying to figure out timelines of manufacture, mould variations, etc. Right now I am looking for any Brookfield or star units that have sharp drip points. For those...
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    St-Georges, Quebec ACL bottle

    Hello everyone, I came upon this ACL a while ago, I had shown it to another forum member. Both he and I had never seen the bottle before and didn't know much about it. I'm in northern Maine and came upon it here. you can pretty make out the front ACL from the photos but you may not be able to...
  7. E

    Who made the CD 141 cross top

    I agree with Mr. Hemingray, from the ones that I have seen they have all the signs that Brookfield produced them. I know that the 208 came out around 1914 which is a cross-top with inner skirt and made for more rugged territory, perhaps the 141 came out around the same time......the 141 seems...
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    Looking for insulators

    Hello, I'm re-posting an ad that I had posted some months ago in trying to locate some CD 104s as I am trying to do a study on them, as well as I would also like to see if anyone out there would be interested in any general trading of insulators. Currently a couple of other side studies that...
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    WANTED: insulators

    thanks alot, I look forward to seeing them....
  10. E

    WANTED: insulators

    Thanks Kevin, I look forward to checking those out...most are worth a few bucks but some can be pretty pricey, I'll let you know when I see them...thanks alot.. Eric
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    WANTED: insulators

    Hello to everyone,....I'm Eric from up in northern Maine and I collect insulators, I specialize in the CD 104s. If you are unfamiliar with this style here are a couple of photos to help identify them. they are a baby-beehive shape. I'm doing a study on the 104s so regular aqua and even damaged...
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    what did this bottle contain?

    I'm just bumping this post up to "refresh" it....in case anyone that didn't see it the first time may come along and have an answer.... Eric
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    New Hampshire Piccalilli bottle

    Hello to everyone, Can anyone use this Mrs. J.S Burbank's PICCALILLI bottle from SO. HOOKSET, N.H......if so maybe we can work something out.......bottle measures about 7 5/8" X 3 7/8" thanks alot, Eric
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    what did this bottle contain?

    I agree Michael, I think that once we know what T.H.M. CO distributed or if we were able to identify/link the bust to someone that would be a key breakthrough...... And I'm with you too Jim, we'll just have to see what others have to say.....it's just this easy: someone somewhere knows...
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    what did this bottle contain?

    Hello to everyone, I had a question about this bottle. hopefully the photos are clear enough for you to see. This small bottle which is 3 7/8"(H) X 1 1/2"(W) X 1"(D) depicts what looks like a bust of one of the forefathers or a Quaker. Above that there is the word "TRADE" and below is...

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