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    1974 Anchor Hocking Retirement Bottle (43 Years)

    Cool. I used to live near Lancaster OH in the early 70s. A friend on mines' dad was one of the top mold cutters ( for lack of the proper term ) for Anchor Hocking at that time. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he cut the mold for that bottle.
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    Finally found a good Privy.

    Right on ! Love those old slug plate beer bottles.
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    Detroit Demolition Find.

    Right on ! Love reading about your bottle missions.
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    Any ideas folks.

    They remind me of jelly/jam jars.
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    One Fresh One Salt water Dive

    Good stuff coldwater. I bet that pipe deal is some sort of gas light fixture/gas supply shut off from back in the day when they used to light houses with gas.
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    Stories about when people ask for help recovering things.

    Always enjoy reading your stories Bob. The river here is almost summer level low and about as clear as you'll see it right now. That's pretty unusual for this time of year.
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    My Clay spot

    Good job all the way around Bob. Pictures of cool bottles are nice and all but I enjoy the story of the hunt just as much if not more. Good for you ! You work hard for your finds. Due to circumstances out of my control it's been two years in row I have missed the Milwaukee bottle show now. GRRRR...
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    2017 Finds

    That's it ? Just kidding. LOL AWESOME stuff c d.
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    Todays Privy Dig.

    Good stuff Leon.
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    The Wishing Well.

    COOL ! I really like seeing/reading about your digs.
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    SEPT. 10th Privy Dig. A Few Hutches.

    Good stuff Leon. I always look forward to seeing what you dig.
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    Today's House Demolition Find.

    Good stuff Leon.
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    Last Sundays Privy Dig. 7/2/17

    Good stuff Leon. I always enjoy reading about your digs.
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    Picked up cool looking Art Deco bottle. LEON.

    I only collect local small town stuff here in Wisconsin but it would be hard to walk away from that bottle if ever ran across one because it's just plain cool.
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    Native American Ceramic??

    CD Check your email ?

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