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    Dinky Supertoys

    Nice dozer and you did a good job on the repairs.
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    LBJ Vice President Bottle Rare???

    I appreciate the offer but covid has me in a bind right now. Thanks anyway.
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    LBJ Vice President Bottle Rare???

    Nice bottle, I always liked Canada dry bottles. I hope I can find one of those some day
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    Glass on Mirrored Glass

    Nice cabinet and bottles too.
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    Bizarre base marking/pontil combo on import black glass

    It's a pontil for sure, and not a turn mold.
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    Garage sale insulators

    Great deal. Lets see the other ones.
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    Just found, question on value

    I agree $25 to $35, maybe $40 to $45 if someone wants one with the label, box and pamphlet.
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    Question about dump sites

    I have found lots of drugstore bottles in the old dumps around here.
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    Still not sure if it is English or not, you will have to do some research to find out more about it.
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    I have about half of a six sided H F & B that me and my son dug. I'm proud to have that much of one. As far as the green bottle it looks English to me maybe an ale or mineral water. I can't make out the writing on it.
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    I agree with sandchip. Someone will pay up for a mint one.
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    That's a rare bottle you got there. I'm not sure of the value, it's been a while since I seen one for sale. You can check out some of the bottle auctions like Glass Works, American Bottle Auctions and Norman Heckler. How about posting some pic's of your other bottles.
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    Unusual Bromo - Seltzer bottles

    Those are some nice Bromo's. I have been digging for forty years and have dug hundred's of Bromo's but not a backward Z that I know of, because when I first started digging I never checked for errors. I have only seen a couple of photos of teal ones. Me and my son did dig one two weeks ago with...
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    A killer and crier day of digging!

    Let us know what else you find.

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