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Recent content by Horace

  1. H

    Big vintage Jar

    Is this a modern bottle?
  2. H

    Big vintage Jar

    Can give me a little history on this bottle and by the way I really appreciate you.
  3. H

    Big vintage Jar

  4. H

    Big vintage Jar

    Could you locate me a familiar bottle so I can compare. Thanks
  5. H

    Big vintage Jar

    I the owen scars were are they not?
  6. H

    Big vintage Jar

    The I is very small, I did a little research on the bottle but cant find any prices or any of the same bottles.
  7. H

    Big vintage Jar

    Do you know what a bottle like that could be worth it is a I in the center of the diamond made in illinois around 1915, with owen scars at the bottom also, I think its a kinda rare bottle because size and color. They made smaller bottles with the diamond I made in mostly clear bottles and much...
  8. H

    Big vintage Jar

    Do you by chance know what a bottle like this one would cost it date back to 1915, Amber in color, with the Diamond I at the bottom and owen scars.
  9. H

    Cabin Log syrup

  10. H

    Big vintage Jar

    Ok thanks
  11. H

    Nice vase

    Not sure if this is old or newer style vase
  12. H

    Big vintage Jar

    Ok when I get off work I will let you all know thanks. But I think the number 5 is on the bottom of the brown big one.
  13. H

    DR Pepper Bottles

    Ok thanks
  14. H

    DR Pepper Bottles

    Thanks did you see the green liquor bottle I have on here?
  15. H

    Green Beer or lipuor bottle

    Thanks Im not sure I will take more pics when I get home so you can see.

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