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  1. J

    Have Access to old bottling plant that operated from 1870 to 1915

    What a great way to restart your hobby... :)
  2. J

    Birch beer

    Take a walk and find a birch tree, Break off a small branch and suck on the end...Birch taste.
  3. J

    newbie finds more worthless stuff!

    I found a small very ornate stopper topped perfume bottle. I am going to an appraisal show in May for a benefit here and have a few items i have been unable to identify anywhere.. I'll let you know what they say about the perfume bottle
  4. J

    brown bottle with fish and scales embossed.

    I found a brown bottle with a fish and fish scales embossed over the entire screw top bottle. I am thinking cod liver oil but have yet to identify it...anyone know a similar looking bottle ? <img src="">
  5. J

    How do you find the bottles?

    [ul] Picture #2 didn't show up.. This is the island where the bottles were buried. Hoping to kayak out to it this summer and go right to the source.. No need to waste bandwidth...admin. corrected my previous booboo :o)
  6. J

    How do you find the bottles?

    I live at the jersey shore where i found a wetland on the bay that has produced over 200 old bottles over the years. I did some research to find that they weren't buried there but were washed ashore from an island not too far out into the bay. Called Woods Island where people used to vacation...

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